William T. Young Library

 HOURS for December 11, 2019:  24 Hours

William T. Young Library Hours

Please Note: See the hours that apply to specific departments and offices within Young Library.

*UK or Reciprocal College borrowers only between 10pm and 6am.

  Campus or Reciprocal School Photo IDs Required


Open at 8am on Sunday and remain open through Friday at 8pm

Saturdays  8am - 8pm




Tuesday, November 26                                      Close at 5pm

Wednesday, November 27                                  8am - 5pm

Thursday & Friday, November 28 & 29                CLOSED

Saturday, November 30                                     noon - 5pm

Sunday, December 1                                         open at noon and resume normal schedule


Extended Hours for Weekend before Finals

Friday, December 13                                      Open until midnight

Saturday, December 14                                  8am - midnight


Last Day of the Semester

Friday, December 20                                      Close at 5pm


Winter Break Hours

Saturday & Sunday, December 21 & 22           CLOSED

Monday - Friday, December 23 - 27            CLOSED

Saturday & Sunday, December 28 & 29            CLOSED

Monday & Tuesday, December 30 & 31             8am - 5pm

Happy New Year!  Welcome 2020

Wednesday, January 1                                 CLOSED

Thursday & Friday, January 2 & 3                     8am - 5pm

Saturday & Sunday, January 4 & 5                   noon - 5pm

 Monday - Friday, January 6 - 10                      8am - 5pm

 Saturday & Sunday, January 11 & 12               noon - 5pm

 Monday & Tuesday, January 13 & 14          7am - 8pm          

Why Young Library requires IDs after 10:00 PM during Fall and Spring semesters

Because of the confluence of two situations:

  • The number of assaults and sex offenses in and around Young Library in previous years
  • Students' demand to have the library open 24 hours

The library reinstated its 24-hour schedule in Fall 2005, but with stricter security guidelines in place.* A comprehensive security assessment of the Young Library area was completed in summer 2004 and recommended limiting the library to electronic access from 5:00 PM to 8:00 AM (i.e., having students use student IDs to gain entrance to the library). The library implemented a suitable alternative since badge access was not feasible.

Access was restricted to current UK students, faculty, staff, and reciprocal college borrowers (See list of reciprocal colleges). Also, IDs would be checked manually, and the restricted access period was shortened to 10:00 PM - 6:00 AM (this restricted access period corresponds to the same restricted access period employed by the Medical Center).

Restricting access is common practice in libraries with extended hours. Requiring an ID to enter the building overnight is a security measure and is enforced for the safety and security of every student, staff, and faculty member in the library after 10:00 PM. Alternatives such as having student records checked by name or address are neither practical nor safe, increasing the time one would wait to enter the building, creating congestion in the library foyer, and increasing the chances of someone giving a false address to gain entry.

*Additional information for Federal Depository Users.

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