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Wade Hall Quilt Collection


North Wall & Core 2

Lone star

Lone Star
69" x 73"
(circa 1950)

Lone Star

Lone Star
68 1/2" x 74 1/2"
(circa 1920)

from Elizabethtown, Ky.

unusual broken star

Unusual Broken Star
83 1/2" x 76"
(circa 1940)

Folk interpretation of star pattern. Utilizes string or strip quilting technique.
Fabrics used include corduroy, chintz, drapery, cotton, other scraps. From Decatur, Alabama.

blazing star

Blazing Star
64" x 72"
(circa 1910)

Purple/yellow - made by a Mrs. Edwards from Edmondson County, Kentucky.
An example of a multigenerational quilt, stars pieced by one
person, top assembled and quilted by a later generation.

blazing star

Blazing Star
66" x 80 1/2"
(circa 1900)

Blue Licks, Kentucky. Pink/black. Well worn.
Notice the shape is more a trapezoid than a rectangle - the result of much washing & line-drying.

touching star

Touching Stars
61 1/2" x 71 1/2"
(circa 1950)

Taylor County, Kentucky. Fabric came from either feed or flour sacks.
Notice the color arrangement; an attempt to create order while utilizing scraps.

8point star

8-Point Star
71 " x 86"
(1930 / 1950)

Assembled and quilted circa 1950.
Made by the Ursiline Nuns of Louisville.

twinking star

Twinkling Star
72" x 74"
(circa 1940)

From Ohio.
Notice the fading across the bottom 1/3 of the quilt.

8pointedstar from Louisville

8 - Pointed Star
75" x 77"
(circa 1930)

Made in Louisville, KY.
Also known as the Dahlia Star.

eight poined star from indiana

Eight Pointed Star
70" x 78"
(circa 1880)

Made in Indiana.

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem
63" x 74"
(circa 1910)

Notice the visual changes in the pattern design when different color arrangements are used.

Lone star from Ohio

Lone Star
74 1/2 " x 77 1/2"
(circa 1930)

Made in Ohio. (orange binding)

broken star

Broken Star
67 1/2 " x 75"
(1910 / 1970)

(circa 1910 for pieced units; assembled and quilted circa 1970)
another multigenerational quilt.
Notice how the yellow smaller stars don't match the rest of the quilt.

Broken star

Broken Star
85" x 86"
(circa 1950)

Exquisite quilting.

Core 2:

broken star from Lexington

Broken Star
85" x 86"
(circa 1950)

Made by Mable Black of Lexington, Kentucky. Mable was one of the quilt makers that made the 1933 Sears Quilt Show "Best of Show" Quilt. Recognition came late in her life. She sewed for Mrs. Caden in her shop here in Lexington.


1776 Eagle
74" x 80 1/2"
(circa 1970)

An additional backing was added to this quilt in order to "square off" the top edge and allow for proper hanging.